Welcome to Talk Senior Living Link

Welcome to Talk Senior Living Link where we help families be families!

Families undergo transitions related to the natural progression of aging.  This journey can be magical and can also present challenges.

Join Talk Senior Living Link and share peace of mind with your family.  I interview professional experts who will guide you through the logistics, so you can focus on the supportive needs of your family.

Happy sharing,

Donna Mae

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"I've had to adjust to life as I and my loved ones aged. It wasn’t easy, and I needed an expert and a friend to help me through it. Donna Mae is that for me ."

Anna Doerksen
Madison, IN

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About me and my podcast

Thank you for being here! This podcast is very near and dear to my heart.

I’m a registered nurse with a masters in geriatrics. During my 10-year career, I have witnessed families crumble from the pressures of aging. Talk Senior Living Link is my call to action to keep families united.